Energy Management, Education, and Coaching

We, at Freed Om Coaching and Healing, have spent years going after the root cause of what holds us back from the best version of ourselves and we're ready to introduce you to the tools to help you let go of what no longer serves the best version of YOU possible. 

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Ancient Healing Modalities

Working with Energy is NOT a new concept, but it IS widely misunderstood. By activating, clearing, and healing the energy systems that make up and contribute towards our physical bodies, we have an easier time sifting through and clarifying our personal boundaries, emotions, thoughts, and sense of purpose. 

Just like our environment can turn on and shut down our physical DNA (a study of science called epi-genetics), Energetic Activations act like an "on" switch: helping to increase the amount of Positive Energy one can hold, thereby, dramatically affecting the way we respond to and live our lives. Activations can help align us with our Purpose, let go of habits and patterns keeping us from succeeding, and help us see what no longer serves where we want to go.

Clearings: Over our lifetimes, we encounter all sorts of people, various situations, and the lessons involved with those encounters. Depending on how those interactions end up, we can many times be left with unanswered questions, a lack of closure, and an endless loop of misunderstood coping mechanisms, behavior, and trauma. Energy clearings are modalities that help us function as we were originally designed, in our purest and most efficient form, before these events occurred and can strengthen us from being negatively affected by future occurrences. 

Healings work with the unseen structures of our physical bodies: our etheric fields, multiple layers of our aura, meridians, chakra's, and magnetic structures. They clear them of energetic stagnancy, allowing their function to be optimized. That means being able to connect with source for quicker manifestation of our goals. 

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Functional Neurology and Brain-based Training

The every day individual sees fitness in terms of calories in/out, the product of how much they can lift and how far they can walk/run, and how altering those two things, changes the way that person feels about themselves and gauges their health. Other factors include health history, injuries, and overall attitudes and preferences, but unfortunately, trends, whether they are actually good for people or not, run the show. 

This is where brain-based training comes in: YOU are not designed to work, behave, or function like ANYONE else you know. Therefore, what you need to thrive most likely looks very different than what your

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Coaching and Meditation

We all already have all our own answers. Problem is, we cover up our answers with layers and layers of the "stuff" (baggage, societal programming, unhealthy coping mechanism and their consequences) we've accumulated over a lifetime. This "stuff" distracts us from the root of our true selves and living our truth, which in turn deprives of us feeling prolonged episodes of joy and peace.