Healing Modalities

Working with the subtle energies of the body to create a Paradigm Shift from the inside out.

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Life Activation

This session is really many sessions in One.

The first half of the session is a series of energetic alignments that supports the recipient in letting go of old trauma's, negative thinking, and the repetitive patterns and behaviors holding them back from moving forward successfully.

The Activation in and of itself acts as an "on" switch to help each individual uniquely step into their full potential by directing Light to the core of their being-their energetic DNA. This lights up their purpose on Earth and opens them up to a world of possibilities moving forward. 

One session is enough to change you for a lifetime, but many clients ask for a "top off" to provide clarity in different phases of their lives. 

$250 90-120 minutes. Please plan accordingly.

Sacred Geometry & Crystal Healing 

Sacred Geometry has been used in healing and setting space since the beginning of time. 

In this series, we offer:

  • Egyptian Aura Healing for Manifestation

  • Crystal Healings for Empowerment, Time Enhancement, The Mind, Body, and Emotions, Libido and more...

  • Magickal Rites for healing Old Wounds, New Wounds, and making space for Good Fortune


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Full Spirit Activation

Awakens the senses, helping you out of apathy to create a more colorful experience on this planet filled with Joy. Activates the pineal and pituitary gland for increased awareness, thereby making for more interesting interactions with the people in our lives, animals, nature, and ourselves.

*Prerequisite: Life Activation

$250 90-120 minutes. Please plan accordingly.

~ Removing Obstacles ~ Embodying Our Full Potential ~ Creating Long-Lasting Change ~