Crystal Clear Coaching

Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle Development



What is Coaching?

I partner with my clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. By honoring you as the expert in your own life,  I believe you are creative, resourceful, and already whole.

My responsibility to you is to:

  • Discover, clarify, and align what you truly want to achieve

  • Encourage your own self-discovery

  • Evoke client-generated solutions and strategies

  • Hold you responsible and accountable to YOUR TRUEST, HIGHEST SELF!

What do I ask of you:

  • To focus on YOU! To answer the tough questions by seeing the hard truth's behind both your successes AND your failures.

  • To observe your own behaviors and communication styles as well as observe the way others speak to and behave towards you

  • To listen to your own intuition, assumptions, and judgements.

  • To challenge existing attitudes, beliefs and behaviors, and develop new one's that serve your goals in a superior way.

  • To leverage your personal strengths and overcome limitations to develop a winning style

  • To take decisive action, however uncomfortable and in spite of personal insecurities.

  • To show compassion for one's self while learning new behaviors and experiencing setbacks, and to show compassions for others as they do the same.

  • To commit to not take yourself so seriously, using humor to brighten this journey & ever-lasting endeavor.

  • To maintain composure in the face of disappointment and unmet expectations, avoiding emotional reactivity.

  • Finally, to have the courage to reach for more than you had ever expected while engaging in continual self examination.