Monika Pawluskiewicz
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  • Health, Wellness, & Lifestyle Coaching

  • Personal Training ~ in studio/in-home

  • Visual, Vestibular, and Proprioceptive Training

  • Corporate Guided Meditations & Retreats

  • Practical Energy Management

  • Remote Coaching & Healing


I came to Monika because I had tried everything and was at my wit’s end. I was having issues with family and having a hard time sleeping and I honestly just wanted a quick fix to make it all go away. I walked out of that session kinda wired and ended up calling her later that week to express how much less I was sleeping. Basically I was blaming her for my problems. She coached me through what I was dealing with and after some time, what I came to realize was how much my attitude was keeping me from living soundly and sleeping well and how much I was actually blaming everyone and everything else instead of taking responsibility for it. That healing session and supportive coaching sessions afterwards helped me to uncover and adequately deal with what I needed to. Can’t say it was an easy fix, but I can say I don’t see myself going back to that same pattern in my life.
— Brendan, Life Activation, Full + Spirit Activation + Crystal Clear Coaching
Monika’s never been JUST a trainer to me. She calls me out, she inspires me, and shows me that I am always capable, even when I have a hard time believing so.
— Vivian, Personal Training Client - 4.5 years
Looking back on when we started together, I was so unaware that I was my own worst enemy- doing the same things over and over again and wondering why my life wouldn’t change the way I needed it to. Monika helped shed light on what was holding me back and helped get my life moving in the direction that I had been yearning for, but just couldn’t get to myself.
— Adrienne, Crystal Clear Coaching Client 1.5 years
I’ve struggled with unhealthy coping mechanisms most of my adulthood. After a Life Activation, I was able to see that the relationship I had with food was controlling every decision I made. It was the first step in changing the way I lived my life on such a fundamental level, which when addressed, helped me to be more present and tackle other challenges I was having in other areas of my life.
— Nancy, After A Life Activation

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